Do you encourage your child to talk about their school difficulties?

Do you encourage your child to talk about their school difficulties?

January 17 | Isa Colli

Every child has the ability to learn. From infants they do it with jokes and observing the environment in which they live. As they grow and through their own experimentation, they absorb knowledge as real sponges.

Learning should be fun and exciting for the little ones. And it is in school that they must live new experiences that give them the opportunity to exercise mastery of certain skills and knowledge that will serve for the future. But how do you know if your child needs individualized attention? How to help her?


Children in need of schooling

There may be times during the learning period where children fail to organize well, become distracted more easily, and pay less attention to class. Or times when they stop doing their duties for fear of making mistakes, and even because they are experiencing moments of personal conflict.

Is this the time to seek professionals to give a school reinforcement? There are several factors that indicate the need for support in school.

School factor.It should be borne in mind that children learn in different rhythms and in different ways. The learning time of one is not equal to another, and therefore, many learners need additional time to master certain learning skills.

Personal factor.Children may have sensory problems such as seeing or hearing poorly or speech problems.

Social factor.The sociocultural level of the family, affective-emotional deficiencies, problems of separation of parents, etc.

When there is some type of deficit derived from these factors or a combination of them that affects the child's learning, it is necessary to use special methods so that the child can achieve the goals outlined. And the support offered for the school integration of these children with learning difficulties can be temporary or permanent.


How to help children with school reinforcement needs

It is very important that the family and the teachers are attentive to the evolution of the child's learning in order to be able to detect in an early manner if there is any type of problem and to be able to act on it if necessary, in order not to prejudice the correct acquisition and consolidation of the knowledge that acquired in childhood.

Sometimes the infant only needs a tutor or a bench as reinforcement. At other times, if necessary, there are multidisciplinary teams in schools composed of psychologists, psychopedagogues, speech therapists or physicians, among other types of professionals who help determine the child's needs, abilities and follow-up.


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