What children expect from 2018

What children expect from 2018

dec 26 | Tais Faccioli

With each new year, we renew our expectations of living better times, keeping promises, and leaving behind bad memories. With children, it is no different. They also make plans and set goals in their lives as a new year approaches.

Bianca will invest in friendship in 2018

The student Bianca Lourenço, from 11 years, hopes to win new friendships and keep current ones. But the projects for 2018 do not stop there: "I will concentrate on my studies, attending classes, doing things with fancy, improving every day, meeting new places in Portugal and discovering where my grandfathers were born."

Specialists ensure that this planning is extremely positive and should be encouraged. Tracing small goals helps in growth as a person. Nina Lopes, of 10 years, also made a generous list of goals to fulfill. Like Bianca, she wants to meet new friends. During his trip to Disney in the United States in January, he plans to put into practice the English he learned during 2017 and learn about typical Uncle Sam foods. It is a cultural baggage that will lead to life. Although she is already a good student, the young woman wants to dedicate herself more to the studies and to obtain better notes in 2018. And on the list, an urgent desire: "I want to live in a better country, with less violence."

Nina is going to practice English in the USA.

It is also important to encourage children to fulfill their purpose during the year. They will boost self-esteem when they see themselves overcoming their difficulties. In addition, they learn to organize their own time. "My expectations for 2018 are: meeting new friends, keeping my grades good, being dedicated in studies and always improving. I want to help others when they need to, "says Amanda Oliveira.

Luiza included the goal of helping people who need

Luiza Vilariño wants to become a better person, learning from her own mistakes. Among the plans, he highlighted the desire to help the people who need them and contribute to a better world, reducing spending and saving natural resources. Luiza's friend, Nicole Moraes, dreams of going beyond the borders. "I want to meet other people, discover other languages ​​and other cultures," says the girl, who also promises to increase concentration in studies next year.

So that the child does not get lost in their goals, the suggestion is to make a kind of game. The rule is to put the list on a paper, hang it in a visible place and mark with colored pen the goals reached. At the end of the year, the legal thing is to take stock of what was accomplished and what was left behind. With planning, your child will surely have a more productive and enriching year.



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