Example is the most effective form of teaching-learning.

Example is the most effective form of teaching-learning.

July 25 | Isa Colli

The example is, since the world is the world, the most effective form of teaching-learning

Good examples, good lessons and better citizens. Bad examples, lack of empathy and indifference to the pains of the other. And an infinitely worse world.

That is why the biblical verse, which I have quoted in other articles, has never been so current: "Teach the child in the way he should walk, and when he is old he will not turn away from him". 22 Proverbs: 6.

So the change we want in the world should start in us. This is also repetitive, but there is still hope, because if we are good reference to our little ones, they will make a difference in the world.

If we are prejudiced, we will teach our children to assimilate preconceived, discriminatory ideas that promote segregation and exclusion. From small prejudices to great havoc in society, which commonly hit the minorities in full: black, women, LGBT'e poor, usually of the communities and peripheries. So we must deal naturally with the differences.

Nothing will be as effective as this to produce good results in the family, and consequently in society. If we can not change the thoughts of adults who are incapable of respecting different creeds, cultures and races, we can teach our children that we are not superior but that we should live fraternally. And I'm not just talking about tolerance. I speak of respect, acceptance, inclusion and harmonious coexistence. And the benefits are enormous, since throughout life we ​​will have to live with many differences and our attitude before them will make all the difference.

Do you know why? Because only those who are able to work with human diversity will be able to move on, adding up wherever they are. And this is the account that counts, in that case. Add efforts for the common good.

But if there is prejudice, there is always time to change your attitude. And remember that what you do (example) screams in front of what you do. So never say one thing and do another.

It is in the small attitudes of everyday life that the great changes that can make the world a better place become effective.

How about starting now?


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