The writer Isa Colli is Italian-born Brazilian President Kennedy, Espírito Santo - Brazil, Lives in Brussels, in Belgium.


It has seven published, six of which in the children's segment. The most recently, The Lollipop of Bees, It was launched by Editora Chiado in April in Lisbon Book Fair, and then, in various fairs in Europe, and also at the International Book Fair in São Paulo in September.

Created within, daughter of single parents, Isa had contact with books and children's stories too early, since his mother was a great storyteller, both of "primers" that bought, such that the, in its simplicity full of creativity, He invented and had the children every day before bed.

"I have the best memories of my childhood in Monte Belo, President Kennedy. I had a very happy childhood and my contact with books and the stories were routine which I would not give up. Often I want to know the end soon, so much curiosity ", Isa account Colli.

Literate too early, the writer always had on farmers parents the main incentive to continue reading and writing. The simplicity of the "Seo" Sebastian and Dona Nevinha not stopped would encourage the imagination of the curious and restless daughter.

One of the gifts that probably set their future was a pink cover diary that won the mother to 12 years (He confesses that he always thought he was the father who had presented, recently scrapped mistake).

It was in this journal that started to venture into the fears scenario, Dreams, achievements and children's reflections. The practice has improved the ability and taste for writing, and the words began to flow increasingly easier, opening ways for characters from fairyland, poems and beautiful love stories.

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But it was a serious illness, when he thought he could have a life cut short by cancer, that away from the job as Art Production in the old TV and (Current TV Brazil) and he led her to believe the uncertain career of "writing workers".

"Today lovingly take care of words. I chose to write for believing and defending the changes as necessary to our country pass for reading and quality education. Writing is a process of liberation of creativity and the senses ".

Determined and hardworking, the writer says the fight writers for space is long and often frustrating, but she decided to believe, even when he wrote a book that was rejected by several publishers, which launched independently and sold five thousand copies. "Today is being reprinted and translated into other languages".

On the fact of cancer have turned their hobby into daily activity, Isa says he took refuge in writing, and she saved. "Of course Jesus healed me, my faith is unshakable about it, But actually writing saved me ".

The writer says that a book is not just a set of pages within a cover, not limited to paragraphs, phrases and words. "A book has sound, smell, color and magic. After I discovered the peace that is living in the lyrics of the environment, I spend a great part of my life dedicated to the enrichment of my daily calligraphy, without worrying if this is a hobby or an official work.

Calligraphy? Sim, the writer of books Isa Colli are handwritten or recorded, due to limitations imposed by health problems. After the stories are passed on to son, the type.


Isa Colli was born in Presidente Kennedy

He lived in Itapemirim, the District of Vargem Grande Soturno, The Holy Spirit, He lived in Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

He currently lives in Brussels, with her husband José Alves Pinto and his son Philip Colli.

It is a family of five.

The parents, Sebastian Mines and Maria das Neves Minas, They live in Marataízes, south coast of Espirito Santo.


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The writer Isa Colli is Italian-born Brazilian President Kennedy, Espírito Santo - Brazil. Lives in Brussels, in Belgium.

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