Maybe today to read this article, you be surprised not report me to the usual topics, about children, parental education, teaching and learning. Today I want to present - for those who do not know - a land of charms and beauty, consecrated by the poetic culture of their children; a city that not even the environmental tragedies, political and cultural, can overshadow its shine and wealth. A city graced by the exuberance of nature. I present to you, Itapemirim. Land full of tales spread its wide streets, Continue

In elementary school nine years, we must consider that the first year is for literacy and literacy work itself. Through a diagnostic evaluation, which we call writing poll, indicated as an activity for the first day of work in the classroom, will make all subsequent work is grounded in the real needs of each student, offering the teacher important data on the written hypotheses, facilitating the planning of activities and teaching strategies to be adopted in room Continue

We do not need to have a special day to remember, and value the importance of women in our society. In the last years, women gained space, but even with so many achievements, the female is penalized by an outdated culture that manages the "modus operandi" of Brazil.   Wages are even lower, rights, in practice, also. IBGE survey shows that women receive a salary about 28% less than man exerting the same function. Women are still subjugated and Continue

“There are formed providing good readers reading materials impoverished, just when children are initiated into the world of writing (…)” (PCN's – on. cit., p.36). In Brazil, around the year 80, arise studies and research on the psychogenesis of lecto- written, Emilia Ferreiro (Argentina important psycholinguist), making the specific teaching of Portuguese but broad, creating the need for the teacher to work with a variety of genres, with thematic and historical contexts linked to the cultural life and Continue

Regardless of the country where we live, we are much closer than we think other people. This is not a subject that I approach usually on site, but know the truth about our origins, It is still curious reason, inclusive, intrigued me until a few years ago. Many Brazilians do not know which parts of the world have come to their families.   So, there is some information two surnames of my family, “Costa e Minas”. E, for everyone who thought Gerais emerged from the mining of the General, It frustrates. sworn by 1640 Reply to this Continue

Parents are the child's first behavioral reference, therefore, It is common to copy them not only talk and walk, as well as attitudes and lifestyle. The participation of parents has a direct influence on everyday actions, as school attendance, aggressions and insults to similar. Among those who kill school regularly, 43% are children of missing parents, against 13% adolescents raised by parents present. Other data point to the guilt of the missing and violent parents in the attitudes of children. Children subjected to parental abuse Continue

Talk to the children in their mother tongue is very important for manteneção the vernacular, "Origin of language". Most parents agree on how advantageous it is for the children to speak more than one language, especially in the future when they are seeking employment. But, it is not just a matter of curriculum. Country of different nationalities, or who live outside their country of origin, They have the facility to teach various languages ​​their children, making them bilingual. The teacher of the French Alliance with training Continue