What is the influence of television on your child's development?

What is the influence of television on your child's development?

November 27 | Isa Colli

What is the influence of television on your child's development?

Know that leaving the child in front of the television has both positive and negative aspects. So it's good to stay alert to decide with certainty what and for how long your child will stay in front of the little screen.

Positive aspects in the use of TV

Watching television enables children to: better understand stories, build their own narratives, develop their imaginations, increase the repertoire of jokes, songs and stories, and get to know different cultures.

Television is the main company of many children and several channels have their programming totally dedicated exclusively to them. Drawings, novels and movies are just some of the programs produced to attract the attention of the little ones and keep them in front of the device for hours.

Negative aspects of TV usage

Watching television can lead the child to develop: tendency to imitation, submission, isolation or apathy, aggression, early sexual activity, decreased family communication, insomnia, obesity, consumerism and vision problems.

So be alert with the programs your child watches. Here are some tips that will help make TV an ally in your child's creation!

Tips to get you started today

1. Limit TV usage to one hour or at most two hours a day, and be sure to choose a good quality program. To do this, try to know the programs that your child likes to watch. You can do this on weekends or record them for later viewing.

2. Select the shows you watch when the kids are around. Remember: we educate by example.

3. Do not make TV the central point of your home. Only one device at home is enough.

4. Try to watch some of the programs with your child and teach them to have critical opinions about what they watch.

5. Do not miss the opportunity to be with your child. But if it is to choose between the TV or a joke, prefer to play with it. It will be more fun!

You may be wondering how you can keep up with the programs that your child watches with this lack of time and running. But, it is critical that you know what your child is watching. After all, you do not want to allow TV to mold your child's values, beliefs and behavior!



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