Why did children stone Santa Claus?

Why did children stone Santa Claus?

dec 18 | Tais Faccioli


A very sad scene happened on Sunday (10 / 12), in the city of Itatiba, in the interior of São Paulo: a Santa Claus was stoned by children between 9 and 12 years, after the goodies he distributed by sleigh are over. This act of intolerance provokes reflections. What could have led these children to such an extreme attitude? One can not point directly to the guilt in the education that these children receive from their families, since we do not know their stories of life. But it is possible, yes, to analyze contemporary education, the values ​​we pass on to our children, in a general way.

These days, many parents are afraid to contradict, to say "no" at the right time. Nobody likes to deny their son's request. But it is essential that this be done. Children need limits, and that does not mean they will be less loved. Only in this way will they learn to deal with the frustrations of life and the adversities that come their way.

Returning to the attack on Santa, the children stoned the good old man because the bullets that were being distributed ended. Is it an act of intolerance in the face of frustration? Do these children receive limits in family and even school education?

Situations like this can also be used for parents and educators to think and talk about values ​​and concepts such as tolerance and fraternity ... even more at this time of the year when there is so much talk about giving, joy, spirit of charity, love and solidarity. In addition, Christmas brings in its essence feelings like purity and ingenuity, which must be preserved. Children need to believe in fantasies, this is part of healthy growth. Believing in Santa Claus and waiting anxiously for his arrival on the night of December 24 are traditions that make the child's life happier, whether rich or poor.

The commemorative date can also be used for families to reflect on consumerism. Wishing for a gift, sending a note with a request to Santa Claus are part of the Christmas magic. But what about also encouraging children to realize the detachment of material goods? Encourage the donation of toys and clothing for children living in shelters, for example. Another cool idea is to propose to the little ones that they use the creativity to assemble homemade toys with recycled products. After all, Christmas is not just about buying gifts.



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