Constructivism in school

Constructivism in school

January 16 | Miriam Costa Pinto

TheConstrutivismoit is not a teaching method,butatheoryabout thelearning. Who used itand made known this expressionwas apsychologist Emília Ferreiro, born in Argentina in 1936. Starting from the theory of yourmaster,the biologistJean Piaget, thatinvested years ofstudyin understandingas orindividual I acquired knowledge,Ferreiroresearched the mental process by which children learn to read and write,attributingatyour theory oname ofConstrutivismo. 

 Thefrom the 80 decade,in Brazil, orConstrutivismo to getor to be studiedandused forto base pedagogical work in the classroom,changesndothe way of literacy, and resettingthe relationships within the educational space.  
NotConstrutivismo consider a subject who knows and knowledge is built by the action of this subject,where the environment has aroleimportant na constructlearning occurrences within which the learner will produce his knowledge., respecting its individuality within the collective context in which it is inserted, through social interactions. 

NotConstructivismthe importance of what is done is equal to how and why to do it, seeking to delineate the various stages through which individuals pass on the acquisition of knowledge, how human intelligence develops and how the individual becomes autonomous. Constructivism is based on the assumption that nothingthisready and complete, and knowledge is not somethingstatichighlightingthe active roleand protagonist fromchild inyour processde learning, where knowledge is built by thestudents through abonestimuli,challengeos,development of reasoning, experimentation, research and collective work. 

The activities directly linked to the acquisition ofbedwriting are based on the study of texts pertinent to childhood, where there is an incentive in the production of writing, bytakinginconsideration the previous knowledge of the student. 

EScolas that are wings do not love caged birds. What they love are birds in flight. There are to give courage birds to fly. Teach the flight, this they can not do, because the flight is already born inside the birds. The flight can not be taught. Can only be encouraged"  Rubem Alves 




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