When to reveal to the little ones the truth about Santa?

When to reveal to the little ones the truth about Santa?

dec 22 | Isa Colli

Anyway, Christmas is here! Date celebrated in many countries and marked by parties, gatherings, exchanges of gifts, lights and ornaments of the most varied. On Christmas Eve, nothing more common than watching children waiting for Santa Claus to bring their presents, from the simplest to the most expensive if they were good children.

The good old man who lives in the North Pole will come in at midnight when everyone is asleep and leave a little present on the Christmas tree. And now, is it healthy or harmful to encourage childish fantasy? Some psychologists believe that child has very fertile imagination and does not need magical characters to stimulate their creativity or cognitive development.

It is true that any child can turn a simple cardboard box into a rocket or racing car, and that a small piece of paper can turn into an airplane in seconds. Sometimes they play more with the wrapping of the present than with the present itself, but that does not mean that fantasy is unnecessary. It is healthy to feed the imaginary world of a child.

The magic of Christmas represented by Santa Claus is increasingly exposed. Your children are likely to discover the truth sooner and alone, as they are more and more connected with the information and will easily realize that the good old man is nothing more than the daddy dressed in red clothes, with belly, hair and stubbled beard, with a bag full of old paper on his back and that, indeed, the gifts were placed on the tree by his relatives.

However, it is not advisable to put the little ones in front of this reality and to have them inserted in the adult world sooner. Child must be child and live every stage of his maturity.

The truth

But when to reveal the truth about Christmas? Is there a way to tell the little ones that the good old man is just a fantasy? The answer is no. According to experts, to undo the myth of Santa, the ideal is to wait for the child to ask. It happens there for 6 years, when she begins to develop a more logical thought and to question the existence of Santa Claus.

When this happens, parents should tell the truth, for the child will be ready to know. Enjoy the time of year when talking about giving, joy, spirit of charity, love and solidarity and talk about values ​​and concepts like tolerance and fraternity ...

She wants to know the truth about Santa, but she is still a child, and preserving feelings of purity and naivety is part of the healthy upbringing of the little ones.


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