Isa Colli at BNC News

Isa Colli at BNC News

Mar 17 | Anete Lacerda


Isa Colli launches new books in Europe

HOLY SPIRIT - O RomanceThe restart, by Isa Colli, was born from the will to bring hope to the lives of people with serious illnesses. Because if there is love we are never alone, says the author, and because a gesture of solidarity can provoke a true revolution in the other, besides softening our own journey.

Recomeço tells the story of João Carlos, a surfer who, with Maria Paula, stars in an inglorious struggle against a powerful and invisible enemy. The awakening of the strength of a spoiled girl, the big city, and the young angrense in the quest for survival, thrill from beginning to end.

A story of love, of sharing, of pain, of struggle, of courage, of overcoming fears. Because life is an eternal resumption ...

* Who is Isa Colli

Isa Colli is a Brazilian writer born in Presidente Kennedy, Espírito Santo - Brazil, based in Brussels, Belgium.

She is the author of several children's books, all of which deal with sustainability and the need to protect the environment, respect for others, tolerance for differences and appreciation of the consumption of healthy food and without pesticides, issues of fundamental importance in a society that seems to walk into chaos.

Tall the books have exquisite illustrations, allied to texts that flow and hold attention.

The most current releases are:The Fazendinha, released on February 9, at theChiado Literary Club, in Lisbon andThe restart,romance based on real facts.


The Fazendinha

Felicia is a very smart little girl who loves plants and animals. On an exciting trip to Fazenda do Senhor Zicão, fun and learning go together when this curious little girl and her little friends experience the wonders of country life. Everything is new to these big city kids.

To top it off, they get a real class on "Bio" food as a gift and come to understand the need to stay in harmony with nature.

The restart

João Carlos makes a mistake that makes him look like an idiot. The romance between the surfer and Maria Paula does not face the traditional pitfalls, as in the serials. They are the protagonists of an inglorious struggle against a powerful and invisible enemy. The awakening of the strength of a spoiled girl, the big city, and the young man in the search for survival, thrills from beginning to end.

The Lollipop of Beesis a fable that tells the life of Vivene and Florine, two bees that inhabit Moinho, a beautiful village, where everything is incredible. Through a trip to the fantasy world, the child can get in tune with nature.

The bees of this story teach about entrepreneurship, teamwork, respect and the importance of living in harmony with nature and the like, alerting us to the relevance of using the education of our children, the values ​​of work and studies, noble tools essential for personal and collective growth.

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Where to Find the Books of Isa

No brazilhis books can be found in bookstores Saturno, Travessa, Cultura, Galileo bookstores, A Pagina Bookstores, among others.

No outsidecan be found in the largest chains of booksellers, Fnac and Bertrand  

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