Environmental education in the classroom

Environmental education in the classroom

November 06 | Isa Colli

One of the great challenges of today is the preservation of the environment, which prioritizes harmonizing daily activities with sustainable development.

A Conference of the United Nations em Stockholm (1972), was the first major international gathering, bringing together 113 countries and promoting a debate on Development and the Human Environment.

Since then, many congresses have resulted in important resolutions, not always fulfilled, such as: Convention on Climate Change, to Convention on Biological Diversity, to Rio Declaration, to Declaration on Forests and Agenda XXI, which has contributed to the identification of problems and the development of an increasingly comprehensive environmental awareness.

The objective of Environmental Education for Sustainability is to promote values, change attitudes and behaviors in relation to the environment, in order to prepare young people for the exercise of a conscious, dynamic and informed citizenship in the face of contemporary environmental problems.

For this purpose, students are expected to learn to use knowledge to interpret and evaluate the surrounding reality, to formulate and debate arguments, to support positions and options, fundamental skills for active participation in informed decision-making, in a democratic society , in view of the effects of human activities on the environment.

Environmental preservation is such an important topic that it must be taught everywhere and as early as possible.

If education is the only solution to the problems of society, nothing better for our children than having practical examples of sustainability at home. However, the school must also adopt sustainable initiatives and teach children that we urgently need to take care of our planet and our survival here.

"The school should not be left alone in theory. Students should go out to learn by putting their hand in the dough. Then yes, the school is starting to turn really sustainable. "


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