What can happen if the bees are swept from Earth

fev 07 | Miriam Costa Pinto

If the bees disappear from the face of the Earth, mankind will only have four more years of existence. Without bees there is no pollination, no reproduction of flora, no flora there are no animals, no animals, no human race. "Albert Einstein (1879 / 1955)" The extinction of bees alters the entire ecosystem and threatens our survival. " affirmations [...]

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Do you encourage your child to talk about their school difficulties?

January 17 | Isa Colli

Every child has the ability to learn. From infants they do it with jokes and observing the environment in which they live. As they grow and through their own experimentation, they absorb knowledge as real sponges. Learning should be fun and exciting for the little ones. And it is in school that they must live [...]

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Constructivism in school

January 16 | Miriam Costa Pinto

Constructivism is not a teaching method, but a theory about learning. Who used and made known this expression was the psychologist Emília Ferreiro, born in Argentina in 1936. Drawing on his master's theory, the biologist Jean Piaget, who invested years of study in understanding how the individual acquired knowledge, Ferreiro researched the mental process by which children learn to read and write, attributing to their theory the name of Constructivism. From the 80 decade in Brazil, Constructivism began to be studied and used to support [...]

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Face hidden from Facebook

dec 29 | Isa Colli

Facebook has become a phenomenon all over the world. Young, old and even children are all connected. Social networking is an interesting way to make friends, keep in touch, express yourself, share emotions, but also have a hidden negative and dangerous face. The first that are in danger are the adolescents because they are numerous and the most active in this [...]

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Adaptation in Early Childhood Education - the importance of this moment in the life of the little ones.

dec 27 | Miriam Costa Pinto

Early Childhood Education marks a new time and a very special experience for the child. Playing and playing stimulate the social relationship with the world and with those around them, acquiring and putting into practice new knowledge, representing everyday situations, expressing their feelings, their fantasies and solving their [...]

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What children expect from 2018

dec 26 | Tais Faccioli

With each new year, we renew our expectations of living better times, keeping promises, and leaving behind bad memories. With children, it is no different. They also make plans and set goals in their lives as a new year approaches. The student Bianca Lourenço, of 11 years, hopes to conquer new [...]

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When to reveal to the little ones the truth about Santa?

dec 22 | Isa Colli

Anyway, Christmas is here! Date celebrated in many countries and marked by parties, gatherings, exchanges of gifts, lights and ornaments of the most varied. On Christmas Eve, nothing more common than watching children waiting for Santa Claus to bring their gifts, from the simplest to the most expensive if they were good children. O […]

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Why did children stone Santa Claus?

dec 18 | Tais Faccioli

Reflection A very sad scene happened on Sunday (10 / 12), in the city of Itatiba, in the interior of São Paulo: a Santa Claus was stoned by children between 9 and 12 years, after the treats he distributed by sleigh are over. This act of intolerance provokes reflections. What may have led these children to an attitude [...]

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