Depression and suicide among young people

November 16 | Isa Colli

Every professional working with young high school students has been faced with difficult issues such as depression, pregnancy, drug use, violence, serious family conflicts and other types of crisis common to young people in training. If you relate to young people of this age group you also know that often and with [...]

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Burra or Selective Feeding Disorder?

November 09 | Isa Colli

Feeding a child is sometimes an arduous task. When it consumes only a reduced variety of foods, it can reject all other options out of its standard. And, without knowing how to express himself clearly, he makes tantrums, kicks, screams, throws himself on the ground in an explosion of intense movements and uncontrollable sobbing. In fact, some situations that we call [...]

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Worry about garbage worries the world

November 06 | Isa Colli

Trash is currently one of humanity's most serious problems. Exaggerated consumerism combined with waste generates an enormous amount of waste. This is an extremely important subject and should be addressed in the classroom. According to research conducted by the UN, humans annually produce 1,4 billion tonnes of solid waste [...]

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Environmental education in the classroom

November 06 | Isa Colli

One of the great challenges of today is the preservation of the environment, which prioritizes harmonizing daily activities with sustainable development. The United Nations Conference in Stockholm (1972) was the first major international gathering, bringing together 113 countries and promoting a debate on Development and the Human Environment. Since then, there have been many congresses, [...]

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Example is the most effective form of teaching-learning.

July 25 | Isa Colli

The example is, since the world is the world, the most effective form of teaching and learning Good examples, good lessons and better citizens. Bad examples, lack of empathy and indifference to the pains of the other. And an infinitely worse world. That is why the biblical verse, which I have quoted in other articles, has never been [...]

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What should be the role of early childhood education

July 23 | Isa Colli

In Brazil, there is still much to be done in early childhood education. With regard to the pedagogical plan, we can see in the last decade an intense debate about the specificity of pedagogical work in this segment. Overcoming this scenario requires education researchers to explain what the role of early childhood education should be [...]

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Stimulate or push your child to make it perfect?

July 03 | Isa Colli

Stimulating or pushing children It is clear that most parents do not want to harm their children, but by ignoring or repeating past attitudes, instead of helping, they end up creating a complex, sad adult with no ability to accept their own errors. And he will probably repeat this behavior with his children. However, when [...]

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How to prepare children to deal with money

June 28 | Isa Colli

What, after all, is the importance of financial education for children? What is your role in shaping concepts such as making money, spending, saving? Preparing the children financially is the process of making them able to make the best possible use of money. So when they reach adulthood, they will be able to manage their earnings and win a good [...]

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