What can happen if the bees are swept from Earth

What can happen if the bees are swept from Earth

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If the bees disappear from the face of the Earth, mankind will only have four more years of existence. Without bees there is no pollination, there is no reproduction of flora, no flora there are no animals, no animals, there will be no human race. "Albert Einstein (1879/1955)

"The extinction of bees alters the entire ecosystem and threatens our survival."

Albert Eisntein's claims about the danger of bees' disappearance since the 50 years should have been taken seriously by the world's authorities, but this was definitely not the case.

The fall in bees populations occurs by natural factors and human action, through the destruction of the environment and the massive use of agrochemicals and agrochemicals.

About 85% of the world's flowering plants and forests depend on pollinators to be fertilized. If this cycle of pollination breaks, the fragile balance of ecosystems and biodiversity, which requires the close interdependence of thousands of species of fauna and flora, will be threatened. With the decrease of vegetation, much of the oxygen production will also be compromised.

At this very moment, billions of bees are dying. In the US, there are no more bees enough to pollinate crops. In Europe, beekeepers lose at least 10% of their bees every year.

We are facing an environmental holocaust that threatens our own survival. Without the pollination of bees, our food cycle is in danger! The importance of them goes far beyond the production of honey. In fact, if the bees disappeared, the human being would travel to the same destination. Without the pollination of the bees in the forests, we would have a change of the whole ecosystem, of all the climate of the planet.

Much of the vegetable will also cease to exist. This is because they are responsible for pollination up to 90% of the plant population. There are even beekeepers who rent bees for farm pollination. Birds and other insects also act on pollination, but on a much smaller scale. With the drastic fall in the amount of available vegetables, the feed sources of herbivorous animals will be scarce, generating a domino effect in the food chain. The herbivores will die, reducing the supply of food to the carnivores, reaching an increasing number of species until reaching the man.

With few vegetables and meat available, the law of supply and demand will be worth it. The trend is for food prices to skyrocket, as well as values ​​for other animal and vegetable items such as leather, silk and ethanol, to name but a few. A global economic crisis has formed.

In the struggle for the little food left, the world's population can start conflicts and even wars. The agricultural sector in crisis will affect several sectors of the economy, generating unemployment, general drop in productivity and popular dissatisfaction. With hunger, many will die or become ill. Few would survive this chaos.

Without bees, we would also have no forests and no forests, we would not have enough drinking water and more breathable air to counterbalance pollution, among other things.

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