What can happen if the bees are swept from Earth

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A writer Isa Colli is Italian-Brazilian born in Presidente Kennedy, Espírito Santo - Brazil. Lives in Brussels, Belgium.

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Isa Colli

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Lollipop Bees

Lollipop Bees is a fable about the beginning of the candy factory of Florine and Vivene, two ...

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The Fazendinha

Valentinha is a very smart little girl who loves plants and animals. On an exciting trip to the ...

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The restart

João Carlos makes a mistake that makes him look like an idiot. The romance between the surfer and ...

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What can happen if the bees are swept from Earth

fev 07 | Miriam Costa Pinto

If the bees disappear from the face of the Earth, mankind will only have four more years of existence. Without bees there is no pollination, no reproduction of flora, no flora there are no animals, no animals, no human race. "Albert Einstein (1879 / 1955)" The extinction of bees alters the entire ecosystem and threatens our survival. " affirmations [...]

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