Qual é, afinal, a importância da educação financeira para crianças? Qual seu papel na formação de conceitos como ganhar dinheiro, gastar, poupar? Preparar financeiramente os pequenos é o processo de torná-los capazes de fazer o melhor uso possível do dinheiro. Assim, quando chegarem à fase adulta, saberão gerir os seus ganhos e conquistar uma boa qualidade de vida. Sob esse ponto de vista, a educação financeira é uma ferramenta para garantir tranquilidade no futuro.   O que é o dinheiro? Ensinar as crianças sobre o Continue

  scientifically proven, children's literature produces emotions and balance the feelings of children. In child psyche imagination and fantasy can be released by the literary contact (written, hearing or reading), they are constitutive of creative activity of children on reality. It is the imaginary supplying the real. One of the features of the tales is exposed directly and concisely an existential problem. This allows the child of a simple way to face the problem immediately, without resorting to plots difficult to understand. We Continue

Every day there are new games obscure endangering, children and youth. After the succession of cases of victims of the Blue Whale, He came to "Abecedário of the Devil". The new game gains strength and the first known case involves a boy of only eight. The alert for this new dark game came in Mieres, Asturias (Spain) after a mother had detected two wounds "raw" in the hands of eight year old son. The matter was reported by the newspaper La Nueva España. Continue

A major concern of educators working with young children is how to evaluate early childhood education? The way to define what dynamics are working and what the quality of pedagogical work, are recurring questions. The most disturbing factor is that there is no national evaluation instrument established by MEC (Ministry of Education). What was going on - the National Childhood Education Evaluation (Ana) - was revoked. E, according to a source from the National Institute of Educational Studies Teixeira (INEP), Continue

Traditional teaching is in constant adaptation to meet the new reality of the human being. many exercises, and many more repetitions tests, They do not prepare the student in full and, much less, realizes develop all the skills it needs to meet the challenges of the century 21. As the world opens up and charges that young people are the protagonists of their own development and their communities, it is necessary to incorporate more flexible and comprehensive learning strategies, to achieve these objectives. Modern education opts for skills Continue

    Educating children has never been easy, but, every day, work becomes more challenging, because our children are constantly bombarded by influences of its technological gadgetry. With the digital world increasingly interactive, in almost all countries, Scan enthusiasts, betting on the potential of technology for the development of kids. The ability to interact with people from around the world at the same time, It could prove a valuable opportunity for children to develop their social skills. But Continue

emotional health of children When we talk about feelings, generally, We think of positive reactions, but we forget that children and adults, react to events varied way of life, as their life experiences. The pleasure, joy, euphoria, rage, sadness, frustration, are some of the feelings that concern educators. One of them is welcome, the other creates suffering, but it can not be ignored. Sim, and to use anger, so emblematic, for example, we must consider that to be angry means to be in emotional distress. it can Continue

According to the biologist and Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget, died 1980, fantasy helps children organize their affections. The children's fantasy brain before it logical reasoning. One of the stages of brain organization is coordinated by the natural process of fantasizing. This is the statement of Piaget, considered one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century. Convinced that the characters and fables are able to transfer values, strengthen positive behaviors and strengthen self-esteem, I chose to write for children. It is very important to strengthen the relevance of Continue