Isa Colli is an Italian-Brazilian writer native of Espírito Santo, Brazil, and passionate about writing for children. Raised in a poor family, she was literate very early and developed his taste for writing essays and preparing inventing stories for school. At the age of 12 years, she received a gift from his father - a diary in pink. She recounted her daily life. His spontaneous texts revealed his fears, his feelings, its challenges and successes, his infantile thoughts, without grammatical or stylistic pretension. Over time, words flowed more easily, giving shape to fictional characters, to poems and beautiful love stories. When we asked the author about this hobby that, in the meantime, turned into profession, she gave us the following answer: - A book is not just a set of pages in a blanket, or a sequence of paragraphs, phrases or words. A book has its own tone, her own perfume, its own color and its own magic. Since I discovered the peace of living in the humanities, I spend much of my life to improve my penmanship without worrying about whether it is a hobby or an occupation.