The biography

Isa Colli is a writer Italian-Brazilian who lives in Belgium. At 39 years, by encouragement of some of his friends, he decided to share the literary works produced throughout his life.

Single source, he learned to read and write in their early years. He born in President Kennedy, in southern Espirito Santo, in Brazil, and he lived a part of his life in Itapemirim, a city known for being famous Brazilian artists barn.

She likes letters from that elaborated essays and made up stories for schoolwork. From there on, your hobby is to observe and write about everything that is happening around them.

Isa Colli is a person free from moorings. Because of his restless and rebellious temperament, He has decided to fully engage in unsafe working life of the written, in which ceaselessly invites the reader to travel through incredible scenery and pleasant.

By counting on the development of his career, Colli explains that the idea of ​​a premature death has prompted devote more intensely to intellectual discovered. Their failed relationships, academic training, professional difficulties, life of hard work and the social context in which they lived became contrary to any dogma. Unsettled espírito allowed the birth of a writer who recounts daily events from their 12 years.

In examining the passions, investigate the intellect and exposing their ideas, he discovered the inner life of a brilliant mind, capable of forming various characters, beautiful poetry, educational children's stories and exciting love stories.

A simple and friendly woman, but strong and temperamental at the same time. His energy and passion for perfection contribute to explore their curiosity, fundamental feature of his personality. Isa Colli busca, in its written, inspire and encourage people to find their purpose in life, regardless of the difficulties arising.

Married and mother of two children, the author inspires us to believe that our ideas are not an absolute truth. Colli shows that no sacrifice is exaggerated when we are on our side and donors positive people, and when the cause is the serves which is human progress, the battles waged are beyond place and time.